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What is Videtwolle?

Videtwolle, pronounced vee-day-twol, is a card game of chance and strategy played by 2 to 7 people with a deck of cards known as a Videtwolle Deck. Videtwolle's popularity has grown exponentially in the last decade and is now played in nearly every corner of the EVE galaxy. Now, for the first time, Videtwolle is available to YOU here on the GALNET thanks to Escapism Entertainment Corp.

Videtwolle originated as a game played by power plant maintenance workers on planets in Gallente space. Our best information says it was started by a group of workers who were fascinated by the cut-throat, commerce-driven way of capsuleer life in the stars and wanted a way to simulate that experience as an escape, and as an excuse to gamble. Initially, it was just a loose set of rules with cards made out of thin pieces of metal; however, it was simple, fun, and addictive and became increasingly popular. The idea spread amongst workers and their families in other cities and, eventually, to other planets. At some point, the game came to the attention of some young executives at the Gallente corporation, Escapism Entertainment Corp. They instantly saw the game's potential and decided to publish an official ruleset and deck with the goal of bringing Videtwolle to the masses of the EVE galaxy.

Since then, Videtwolle has gained popularity and has spread throughout the galaxy. There isn't a casino or other gambling establishment that doesn't feature Videtwolle or other games based on the Videtwolle Deck. Recently, casinos have started popping up in deep space that cater to the elite pod pilots who win and lose more in games than most see in a lifetime.